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Jamb Subject Combination 2024 for All Courses The Complete List

As a high school student preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams, determining the right subject combination for your course of study can be challenging. With over 500 courses across Nigerian universities, the options seem endless. However, by understanding the basic subject requirements and combinations, you can narrow down your choices and select subjects that will qualify you for your desired course.

Jamb Subject Combination

In this article, I provide a comprehensive list of all courses and their required subject combinations to help you make an informed decision. Whether you aspire to study Accounting, Agriculture, Computer Science, Law, Medicine, or any other course, you will find the subject prerequisites outlined here. With the right subject combination and adequate preparation, you can gain admission into your dream course of study. Read on to explore the various course options and determine the ideal subject combination for you based on your interests and strengths.

JAMB Subject Combination for Science Courses

As a science student, choosing the right subject combination is crucial to gaining admission into your desired course. For science courses, the subject combination typically includes:

  1. Mathematics: Mathematics is compulsory for most science courses. The required math subjects are Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Statistics. For courses like Engineering, Mathematics and Physics are mandatory.
  2. Physics: Physics is also compulsory for science courses like Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Computer Science. The required Physics subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, and Geography.
  3. Chemistry: Chemistry is compulsory for courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and other medical sciences. The required Chemistry subjects are Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Agricultural Science.
  4. Biology: Biology is compulsory for courses like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Microbiology, and other life sciences. The required Biology subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Agricultural Science.
  5. English Language: English Language is compulsory for all courses. Students are required to have a credit in English Language to gain admission.

In summary, to gain admission into any science course, Mathematics and English Language are compulsory for all candidates. Then, based on your course of choice, you will need to choose two or three other required science subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or Agricultural Science. With the right subject combination and excellent UTME scores, you stand a good chance of gaining admission into your desired science course.

JAMB Subject Combination for Arts Courses

As an aspiring arts student, choosing the right subject combination is crucial to gaining admission into your desired university program. For arts courses, there are a few options to consider based on your interests and strengths.

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To study courses like History, Philosophy, Languages, and Linguistics, I would recommend subject combinations like:

  1. History/Government, Literature-in-English, and any language of your choice. This provides a good balance of arts and social science subjects.
  2. Literature-in-English, CRS, and History/Government. This combination covers literature, religious studies, and humanities. It gives you a broad-based arts education.
  3. Literature-in-English, History/Government, and French. This subject mix is ideal if you want to major in languages, translation, interpreting or related fields. You get to study both English and French literature and translation.

For Fine Arts like Creative Arts, Music, Theater Arts, and Visual Arts, some recommended subject pairs include:

  • Visual Arts, Music and English
  • Creative Arts, Literature-in-English and Yoruba
  • Music, Theater Arts and English

These combinations provide a strong creative and performing arts foundation to prepare you for university studies in those fields. The English subject adds value in developing your communication skills which are essential for any arts program.

In summary, for arts courses, there are diverse subject combinations you can explore based on the program you want to study in the university. The key is to choose subjects you have interest and ability in to increase your chances of excelling in your chosen field of study.

JAMB Subject Combination for Social Science Courses

As a JAMB candidate interested in social science courses, there are specific subject combinations you will need to choose to qualify for your program of choice. The subject combination simply refers to the four subjects you will take in JAMB, with one subject from each of the following sections:

Section A: Compulsory English Language

English Language is compulsory for all candidates.

Section B: Compulsory Mathematics

Mathematics is also compulsory for all candidates. The level of mathematics depends on your course of choice.

Section C: Compulsory Nigerian Language

You must choose one Nigerian Language. The options are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulfulde, Ibibio, Efik, Idoma, Igala, etc.

Section D: Relevant Social Science Subject

For social science courses, the relevant subjects in Section D include Government, Economics, Geography, Civic Education, and History. You will choose one of these based on your course of choice. For example:

  • To study Economics, choose Economics.
  • To study Political Science or International Relations, choose Government.
  • To study Geography, choose Geography.
  • To study History or Archeology, choose History.

Some schools may require a particular subject combination for certain social science courses. It is best to check with your school of choice to ensure you choose the right subjects to qualify for your desired course. The subject combination you choose will determine which courses you can apply for, so take time to explore your options and choose wisely.

With the right subject combination and good scores, you’ll be on your way to gaining admission to study your preferred social science course. Best of luck!

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JAMB Subject Combination for Engineering Courses

As an engineering aspirant, choosing the right subject combination is crucial to gaining admission into your desired engineering course. For the 2024 UTME, I have outlined the subject combinations for the major engineering courses below:

Mechanical Engineering

For Mechanical Engineering, the subject combination is Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (MPC). These three subjects provide a strong foundation in the physical sciences needed for a career in Mechanical Engineering.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

To study Electrical or Electronic Engineering, the recommended subject combination is Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (MPC) or Mathematics, Physics and Biology (MPB). Either of these combinations will provide adequate knowledge in mathematics and the physical sciences required for various engineering courses under the Electrical/Electronic field.

Chemical Engineering

For Chemical Engineering, the compulsory subject combination is Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (MCP). These three subjects build a solid background in mathematics, chemistry and physics which are integral to the study of Chemical Engineering.

Computer Engineering

To gain admission into Computer Engineering, I would advise choosing Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (MPC) or Mathematics, Physics and Biology (MPB) as your subject combination. Proficiency in mathematics and the physical sciences is essential for the study of Computer Engineering.

Agricultural Engineering

For Agricultural Engineering, the recommended subject combination is Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (MCB) or Mathematics, Chemistry and Agricultural Science (MCg). These combinations provide knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, biology and agricultural science which are relevant to a career in Agricultural Engineering.

In summary, for most engineering courses, Mathematics and Physics are compulsory, along with a third subject like Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science depending on your area of specialization. I hope this guide on JAMB subject combinations for engineering courses in 2024 has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

JAMB Subject Combination for Medical Courses

As an aspiring medical student, choosing the right subject combination for your JAMB exam is crucial. The subjects you select will determine which medical courses you can apply for. Let me walk you through the options.

The Compulsory Subjects

For all medical courses, Biology and Chemistry are compulsory subjects. You must take both of these science subjects. Some schools may also require Physics or Mathematics. Check with your target schools to confirm their requirements.

Optional Subjects

The third subject you choose depends on your area of interest in medicine. If you want to study Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy, I would recommend Physics. For courses like Nursing, Physiotherapy, or Medical Laboratory Science, Mathematics may be a better choice. A few schools accept Geography, Economics or Government for some medical courses. Choose an optional subject you enjoy and are good at.

The Right Subject Combination

With the information above, here are the recommended JAMB subject combinations for popular medical courses:

  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical Lab Science: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • Optometry: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics
  • Radiography, Radiation Science: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics

Prepare Well

Whichever combination you choose, prepare very well for your JAMB exam. Study hard and aim for high scores in all three subjects. Your JAMB results, in addition to your O’Level grades, will determine if you gain admission into your desired medical school. Choose wisely and best of luck!

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In summary, for medical courses, Biology and Chemistry are compulsory, while the third subject depends on your area of interest. Select the right subject combination and prepare thoroughly for your JAMB exam to pursue your dream of a career in medicine.


In summary, the JAMB subject combination for 2024 covers a wide range of courses and programs for students to choose from. With careful planning and preparation, students can select subject combinations that align with their interests and career aspirations. The key is to determine your course of study, understand the admission requirements, and choose subjects that will provide a strong foundation for your future. While the list of options may seem overwhelming, take it one step at a time. Focus on your goals, play to your strengths, and choose what will motivate you to succeed. With hard work and perseverance, you can gain admission into your school of choice and work towards a bright future. The opportunities ahead are endless if you pursue them with passion and purpose.


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