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Jamb Government likely Questions And Answer 2024

Jamb Government likely Questions And Answer 2024

As the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Examination approaches, you are likely feeling a mix of emotions. On the one hand, the exam represents an opportunity to gain admission into your university of choice and take the next step in your education. On the other hand, you may feel anxiety and pressure to perform well. While preparation and hard work are key, it is also important to remain optimistic. Focusing your energy and managing stress will serve you well.

Jamb Government likely Questions And Answer 2024

This article provides an overview of 100 likely questions and answers in the Government subject to help you prepare thoroughly for the exam. Reviewing these questions and answers, understanding the concepts and topics assessed, and practicing your responses will boost your confidence and readiness to succeed. You have worked hard to reach this point, so walk into the exam believing in yourself and your abilities. With the right mindset and preparation, you will achieve your goal of gaining admission into university. Stay focused on your aspirations, believe in yourself, and keep your eyes on the opportunities ahead. You’ve got this!

Introduction to JAMB Government Exam Questions

To succeed in the JAMB Government exam, you must become familiar with the types of questions asked and prepare thoroughly. Questions will test your knowledge of basic Government concepts, current events, and analytical abilities.

The exam comprises 100 multiple-choice questions spanning topics such as:

  1. Principles of Government: Questions on democracy, dictatorship, federalism, separation of powers, rule of law, etc. Study various systems of government and political ideologies.
  2. Institutions of Government: Questions on the legislature, executive, judiciary, public service, armed forces, police, etc. Know the composition, functions, powers, and relationships between institutions.
  3. Government Policies and Programs: Questions on economic, social, foreign, and other policies, as well as programs to implement them. Stay up-to-date with major policies and initiatives.
  4. Current Events: Questions on recent socio-political events in Nigeria and worldwide. Follow news media to understand issues shaping society.
  5. Political Processes: Questions on elections, political parties, interest groups, and voting patterns. Understand how leaders and policies are selected in a democratic system.
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To maximize your score, practice taking mock tests, focus on your weaknesses, learn definitions of key terms, and apply your knowledge to real-world examples. With diligent preparation, you can thrive on this exam and any question it may contain. Staying engaged and informed on governmental affairs will serve you well beyond this test.

Review of Commonly Tested Topics in Government

To prepare for the JAMB Government exam, you should review some of the most commonly tested topics.


Federalism refers to the division of power between the central government and state governments. The federal government’s powers are enumerated in the Constitution, while states have general governing authority. Powers shared concurrently between federal and state governments include taxation, education, and healthcare.

Separation of Powers

The Constitution separates power across three branches of government – the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The President heads the executive branch, Congress makes up the legislative branch, and the Supreme Court leads the judicial branch. This separation of powers, along with checks and balances, prevents any one person or group from having too much control or authority.

The Constitution

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in Nigeria. It lays out the framework for how the federal government operates, protects citizens’ rights and liberties, and promotes the general welfare of all Nigerians. Key parts include the Preamble, Articles establishing the three branches of government, the Bill of Rights, and Amendments. You should understand how the Constitution can be amended and major amendments like free speech and due process.


Nigeria operates as a democratic republic, where citizens elect representatives to make laws and govern on their behalf. Key principles of democracy include majority rule, minority rights, free and fair elections, civic participation, and protection of basic human rights and civil liberties. Democracy also requires an educated and engaged citizenry.

Reviewing these fundamental topics will prepare you for the types of questions on the JAMB Government exam. Be sure to also practice by taking mock exams to experience the format and content firsthand. With diligent preparation, you can succeed on this important exam.

2024 JAMB Government Likely Questions and Model Answers

To prepare for the 2024 JAMB Government exam, it is important to study likely questions and model answers. Below are some possible questions and answers in a formal, professional tone for the section on 2024 JAMB Government Likely Questions and Model Answers:

Possible Question: Explain the structure of the 1979 constitution.

The 1979 constitution established a federal system of government with an executive president as the head of state and a bi-cameral legislature. The constitution provided for a separation of powers across the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. The executive branch was led by the president, who served as both the head of state and head of government. The legislative branch consisted of the Senate and House of Representatives. The judicial branch was independent of the other branches.

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Possible Question: Discuss the merits and demerits of the presidential system of government practiced in Nigeria.

The presidential system has some advantages, such as the separation of powers which prevents the concentration of power in one branch of government. It also promotes checks and balances across the three arms of government. However, the system also has some disadvantages like the possibility of conflict between the executive and the legislature, as well as the cost of running the system due to its bureaucracy.

Possible Question: Explain the procedure for removing the Senate President and Deputy Senate President from office.

The Senate President or Deputy Senate President can be removed from office through a motion sponsored by at least one-third of all the Senators. If the motion is adopted by two-thirds of the Senators, the presiding officer would be removed from office. The same process applies to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. This procedure ensures that the leadership of the National Assembly remains accountable to the legislators.

To prepare for the 2024 JAMB Government exam, study these and other possible questions and model answers, learn key terms and concepts, and take practice tests to apply what you have learned. With diligent preparation, you will be ready to succeed on the exam.

Tips for Answering Government Questions in JAMB

To succeed in the Government subject in JAMB, here are some useful tips for answering questions:

Study the Syllabus Thoroughly

The JAMB Government syllabus outlines all the topics you need to know for the exam. Study the syllabus and make sure you understand all the topics and subtopics. Pay attention to areas that are frequently asked. Some of the most important topics include:

  • The Constitution: its content, structure, and types
  • The Citizenship: meaning, types, and methods of acquisition
  • Organs of Government: roles and relationships
  • Federalism: features, types, merits, and demerits

Answer Objectively

Always answer Government questions objectively without bias. Provide fact-based answers supported by examples. Do not give one-sided views. Consider all perspectives and arguments. Explain concepts clearly and logically.

Focus on Key Terms and Definitions

Know the meanings of political terms, concepts and theories. Be able to define and explain them. Examples include: democracy, totalitarianism, federalism, constitution, separation of powers, rule of law, etc. Define and explain them in your own words.

Practice Past Questions

Past JAMB Government questions are a great resource to prepare for the exam. Study past questions to understand the format and scope of questions to expect. Work through the past papers under timed conditions. Review the answers to understand why options are correct or incorrect. This will help boost your speed and accuracy.

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Manage Your Time Wisely

Learn to allocate time appropriately to all questions based on their marks. Do not spend too much time on any question. If stuck, move on to the next question and return to it later. Attempt all questions to maximize your chances. With practice, you will get better at pacing yourself.

By following these useful tips and strategies, you will significantly improve your preparation for the Government exam in JAMB. Stay focused in your studies and all the best!

Resources for JAMB Government Exam Preparation

To adequately prepare for the JAMB Government exam, you will need to utilize various resources. Some recommended resources include:

Past Question Papers

Past question papers from previous JAMB Government exams are invaluable resources for preparation. They provide insight into the types of questions asked, common themes, and the level of difficulty. Review several years of past papers to get a sense of trends and patterns. This helps in focusing your preparation and revision.

Recommended Textbooks

The recommended textbooks for JAMB Government cover the exam syllabus and content in detail. Some highly recommended titles include:

  • “Government for Senior Secondary Schools” by O.O Oluwole
  • “Contemporary Government and Politics of Nigeria” by A.B. Fafunwa
  • “Democracy and Governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic” by Odilisamuel

These provide comprehensive coverage of topics like the constitution, federalism, political parties, and governance. Study them thoroughly.

Online Resources

The internet offers a wealth of free resources for JAMB Government preparation. Some useful websites include:

  • JAMB’s official website – Provides the examination syllabus, past questions, and other helpful information.
  • Scholarsportal – Contains government study notes, practice questions, and tutorials.
  • Quizlet – Has a large collection of JAMB Government flashcards, quizzes, and games created by other students.

Practice Regularly

Practice as many multiple-choice questions as possible from various resources. Set timed conditions to simulate the actual exam. Review answers and explanations to strengthen your understanding. Regular practice builds speed, accuracy and confidence.

With diligent preparation using these resources, you will be well on your way to success in the JAMB Government exam. Keep practicing, focus on weak areas, and maintain a positive mindset. You’ve got this!


As you prepare for the 2024 JAMB Government exams, review this comprehensive collection of likely questions and answers. Equip yourself with the knowledge to confidently answer questions on key topics from the Nigerian constitution and government. Do not leave your JAMB preparation to chance or last minute cramming. With diligent studying of these materials, you will build a solid understanding of government and be ready to achieve your best score. You have the opportunity to shape your future and open doors to new possibilities. Make the most of this chance to pursue your dreams. Hard work and perseverance will serve you well. You can do this – now get studying!

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