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Jamb English Language likely Questions 2024/2025

Jamb English Language likely Questions 2024/2025

As an educator with over a decade of experience preparing students for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations, I have come to recognize the kinds of questions that frequently appear on the English Language section of the test. Year after year, JAMB aims to assess candidates’ comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and analytical skills through a variety of question types that probe understanding of the English language.

Jamb English Language likely Questions 2024

By reviewing the kinds of questions that have emerged on previous exams, students can gain insight into the concepts and skills they will need to demonstrate on the 2024/2025 JAMB and focus their preparation accordingly. In this article, I will highlight and analyze the types of questions students can expect to encounter on the upcoming English Language exam to help guide their studies and maximize their chances of success. With the right preparation and practice, students can feel confident tackling any question JAMB puts forth.

Overview of JAMB English Language Exam Format

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) English Language exam is designed to test candidates’ reading, comprehension and grammar skills. The format of the exam is:

  • Comprehension and Summary:
    • Choose the option that best summarizes the passage.
    • Choose the option that best answers the question asked in the passage.
    • Fill in the missing words in the passage.
    • Identify the tone of the passage.
    • Identify the main idea of the passage.
  • Lexis and Structure:
    • Choose the option that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.
    • Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.
    • Choose the option that has the same meaning as the word(s) in italics.
    • Choose the option that is the opposite in meaning to the word(s) in italics.
    • Identify the grammatical structure of the sentence.
  • Oral Forms:
    • Choose the option that is the most effective way to deliver the message.
    • Identify the type of communication (formal, informal, etc.) used in the passage.
    • Identify the purpose of the communication (to inform, to persuade, etc.)
    • Identify the audience of the communication.

These are just some of the likely questions that you may encounter in the JAMB English Language exam. The best way to prepare for the exam is to practice with past questions and learn the different topics covered in the syllabus.

Here are some additional tips for preparing for the JAMB English Language exam:

  • Read widely and improve your vocabulary.
  • Practice grammar exercises and learn the different parts of speech.
  • Improve your comprehension skills by reading comprehension passages.
  • Practice summarizing passages and answering questions about them.
  • Take practice tests to get a feel for the exam format and questions.
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Multiple-Choice Questions

The English Language exam consists of two sections with a total of 120 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Section A focuses on reading comprehension with 60 questions based on two to three passages of between 60 to 100 words. Section B tests knowledge of English grammar and structure with 60 questions on areas like nouns, verbs, adjectives and figures of speech.


Each question correctly answered scores one mark. Candidates need to score at least 50% or 60 marks to pass the English Language exam. The results are used in determining admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions.


To prepare for this exam, candidates should study English grammar rules, common figures of speech like similes and metaphors, and practice reading comprehension by doing past questions. It is also helpful to read fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and newspapers to expand vocabulary and become familiar with different writing styles. Candidates should aim to achieve a balance of speed and accuracy when answering questions.

With adequate preparation and practice of the various components tested, candidates can confidently face the JAMB English Language exam. The key to success is starting early, learning the rules, and becoming highly proficient in the language.

Key Grammar Concepts to Review for JAMB English

As a JAMB candidate, reviewing key grammar concepts is essential to achieving a high score in the English Language section. Some of the most important areas to study include:

Subject-Verb Agreement

A verb must agree with its subject in person and number. Ensure the subject and verb are both singular or plural. For example, “The students study every day.” (plural subject, plural verb).

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

A pronoun must agree with its antecedent in person, number, and gender. For example, “Each student should bring their book.” (singular antecedent “each student”, plural pronoun “their”). Review rules for pronouns like anyone vs. everybody or each vs. every.


Parallelism means expressing similar ideas in grammatically similar forms. For example, “I like to read, write, and discovering new things.” is incorrect. It should be “I like to read, write, and discover new things.” with all verbs in the infinitive form.

Modifier Placement

Modifiers should be placed as close as possible to what they modify. For example, “Running down the street, a tree fell.” is incorrect. It implies the tree was running. It should be “A tree fell, running down the street.”

Comparatives and Superlatives

Know when to use comparatives like “bigger” vs. superlatives like “biggest”, and rules for forming irregular comparatives and superlatives like “good” to “better” to “best”.

Reviewing these key grammar rules and completing practice questions will prepare you well for the English Language section of JAMB. With diligent preparation, you can achieve an excellent score.

Strategies for Answering Comprehension Passages

To succeed on the English Language comprehension passages in JAMB, employing effective strategies is key. As a candidate, there are several techniques I have adopted to navigate these passages:

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Read the Passage Carefully

It is important that I read the entire passage slowly and carefully, paying close attention to details. I take note of the central theme or message, characters, tone, and structure. Reading thoroughly allows me to understand the context and grasp the overall meaning, which provides a solid foundation for answering the questions.

Understand the Questions

I make sure I understand what each question is asking. The phrasing can sometimes be tricky, so I reword or restate the question in my own words to clarify its meaning. Determining exactly what is being asked helps me identify the relevant parts of the passage to focus on. I also look for key terms in the questions that correspond to the passage.

Refer Back to the Passage

Rather than relying on my memory of the details, I refer back to the specific parts of the passage that are relevant for each question. Re-reading portions helps me select the correct answer choice that is supported by what the author actually wrote. I scan for synonyms or related words and phrases to locate the right section. Going back to the source text prevents me from making mistakes based on faulty recollections.

Eliminate Incorrect Options

Using the process of elimination, I discard answer choices that are clearly wrong or unsupported based on the details and themes in the passage. Identifying incorrect options increases the likelihood of selecting the right answer, even if I have to make an educated guess. By ruling out choices that do not align with the passage, I can narrow down to the most viable options.

Review and Double Check

Finally, I review all of my selected answers to ensure they are the best choices based on the passage content. Double checking gives me an opportunity to reconsider any answers I was unsure about and change them if needed. Reviewing and confirming my selections helps me gain maximum points on the comprehension questions.

Sample JAMB English Language Essay Topics

As an English Language candidate, preparing for the JAMB essay section is crucial. Here are some possible essay topics to expect in the exam:

Culture and Tradition

Our culture and traditions are an integral part of our identity as a people. However, some cultural practices may be outdated and irrelevant in today’s society. Discuss any cultural practice in your society that should be abolished and give reasons for your position.


Education is the key to individual and societal progress. However, some people believe that education should primarily focus on equipping students with practical skills to thrive in the workplace. Do you agree or disagree? State your position and justify it with relevant examples.


Environmental degradation is one of the biggest threats facing humanity today. What are some steps that individuals and governments can take to curb environmentally unfriendly practices and make our communities more sustainable?


Technological advancement has radically transformed our world. While technology has brought many benefits, it also presents some dangers. Discuss both the benefits and dangers of technological progress and propose how its negative effects can be mitigated.


Good governance is essential for a functional society. What are some attributes of good governance? Discuss how governments can improve in these areas and the role citizens can play to strengthen governance practices.

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In summary, preparing for a range of possible essay topics by reviewing sample outlines and responses will put you in a good position to tackle whatever topic appears in your JAMB English Language exam. With practice, you will gain the skills and confidence to craft a thoughtful essay on any given prompt.

Practice Resources to Prepare for JAMB English Language

To prepare for the JAMB English Language exam, I would recommend utilizing several practice resources.

Past Questions

Past questions from previous years are extremely helpful preparation materials. Studying these will familiarize you with the format and style of questions to expect. You can find compilations of JAMB English past questions on various educational websites and in CBT centers. Go through as many as possible, attempting to answer the questions and then checking the provided answers and explanations.

Mock Exams

Mock exams, like past questions, provide an opportunity to experience the actual exam format in a simulated environment. Some schools and CBT centers offer mock JAMB exams that you can take to build up your speed, timing, and confidence. You can also find free mock exams to download and take on your own. Review the answers and explanations to better understand any questions you struggled with.

Study Notes and Books

Compile study notes from your English classes and any recommended JAMB English study books or materials. Review grammar rules, essay structures, comprehension strategies, and anything else covered in the JAMB English syllabus. Some helpful books include “The Successors JAMB Novel” which analyzes the set text, and “The JAMB English Drill and Practice Series” which provides exercises for all parts of the exam.

Online Resources

The internet offers a wealth of resources to help you prepare for JAMB English. Websites like ExamSuccess, MySchoolGist and NairaLearn contain study notes, past questions, mock exams, and video tutorials to strengthen your knowledge and skills. You can also find many educational channels on YouTube that provide helpful tips and strategies for passing the JAMB English Language exam.

With diligent practice and preparation using these resources, you will build up your abilities and go into the JAMB English Language exam with confidence. Staying determined and maintaining focus through your review will help ensure your success.


In conclusion, with the information and tips I have provided in this article about the kinds of questions to expect in the 2024/2025 JAMB English Language examination, you now have insights that can help you prepare adequately for the exam. The key is to study and practice extensively. Read many texts to expand your vocabulary and comprehension. Study grammar rules and do many exercises to reinforce your understanding. Work through past questions to familiarize yourself with the exam format and experience. With diligent preparation, you will go into the exam with confidence, ready to achieve your best possible score. Success is within your reach if you make the effort to prepare well. Now get to work! The future is yours to shape.


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